Knitting while we freeze

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Thus far...

Well I joined this knit along a couple of weeks ago but haven't really been knitting too much due to exams coming up! :(

Just thought i'd share some of my current projects that i'm working on; Turkish Slippers from Simple Crochet, Super Mittens from Weekend Knitting and a couple of mini sweater ornaments from Weekend Knitting (along with some previously finished sweaters.)

On the agenda, "to do" in the not too distant future (hopefully... hehe) :
1. Irish Hiking Scarf to keep me nice and toasty on those cold Newfoundland winter days!!!
2. A hat to match the first pair of Super Mittens that I ever knitted!!!
3. A scarf for my mom for Christmas........a MUST to get done!!!
4. And finish off a sweater for my neice for Christmas......I've been about 95% completed for months now. I just hate the seaming part!!!! hehe Must be done by Christmas as well though.

So hopefully when finals finish up and I have a little more time i'll be able to share with you some completed works from this list....



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