Knitting while we freeze

Friday, June 04, 2004

Encouragement in sight??

good golly, ms. amy! You have a prodigious list to accomplish (trying to improve my vocab). I live in the warm
South, so anything I make will be for relatives or friends up North. I am trying my hand at fulling/felting, so will be starting with a Boojabag, and then one pair of Fuzzyfeet ( If all works out well, I will make more!!

Would positive reinforcement work for the group? Like a treat if your kid has been good! One member could send another a little surprise or sweet for completion. Altho with your list we could be sending you stuff all year!! Or we could bully each other mercilessly until things get done (teehehe). I would rather have a treat, but everyone is different. Anyone else have ideas??


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