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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Stash Sifting

I sat down and went through the yarn stash and the pattern stash to put together projects to complete for the WKA. While I was doing that I saw in the back of one cabinet a large bag, and when I looked inside... Any guesses? Yup. Small bags with yarn/patterns already put together for yet MORE projects. Needless to say, I shifted those to the front burner. I must have a disease. I wonder if it's treatable....

After that, my Sis called, and among other things we chatted about, she mentioned she was looking for yarn for socks. *POOF* went one of the 'set aside' bags! I will send the yarn to her for her B-day in July, along with The Magic Loop pamphlet and other goodies. AND, we are going to StitchesEast in Atlantic City in October! I know that may mean more yarn, patterns, etc, but we are taking some of the classes and after learning Mitered Squares and Advanced Finishing Techniques, I am hoping I can get some of the existing projects done AND feel comfortable giving them as gifts!! {i am not great with finishing/seaming-just making the pieces}.

I also joined a stash redistribution on-line (SSRP and GSRP}, so...if some of the yarn I have does not scream to be made, it will get traded for something else.

They say it's all in the planning... Do you all think I have any hope of finishing, or am I 'organizing' myself into pressure stress??


At June 16, 2004 at 4:13 PM, Blogger Amy Boogie said...

I love organizing. It doesn't last long but its fun to kep playing with yarn. You mean we have to knit with it too?


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