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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

the officially approved, commercial free christmas list

well, all this dnc coverage is making me yearn for winter ('cuz i'm sick of all the political games both sides play and i'd like to go ahead and vote and let things settle out so we can go back to business as a country) so why not make my christmas list?

one. lacy moebius for the mom using blackberry ridge woolen mills silk-wool lace weight mix in deep red.
two. lacy moebius for the aunt using blackberry ridge woolen mills 100% wool lace weight in natural grey.
three. watchcap of some sort for the dad using lion brand homespun in pagoda (red, black, and white).
four. scarf with a nifty upenn p for the upenn friend using random, cheap yarn in navy and red.
five. an assortment of watchcaps and warm things for the boy in various blue yarns.
six. shawl of some sort for the grandmother using cheap acrylic i have laying around in white.
seven. a purse for the kate using cotton classic in light blue, dark green, and maybe a light green.
eight. a llama or monkey for the baby brother (read: 12 year old cutie pie) using feltable yarn of some sort in blue or green.
nine. a thin hat for the hermit-like coworker who loves biking to wear under his bike helmet using more cheap acrylic in brown or green.
ten. 10 keyhole scarf + adult sized hat combos for a charity.
eleven. 10 pretty child sized hats for charity.

this doesn't count my list of stuff i'm making for a church's alternative christmas sale in october, either...

but you know, i think i can manage this list; it's mostly easy stuff...except that lace stuff. i'm having trouble with my lace because you have to block the bloody hell out of it so i have trouble being patient with myself while i do a swatch to make sure i'm getting the counts right. i'll just have to trust lovlies like emmacrew when she says that lace works out.

happy christmas knitting!


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