Knitting while we freeze

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

not exactly knitting yet...

OK. I 'fess up. I haven't started my winter knitting yet. For once (and for the very, very first time) I have 2 things on the needles for MEMEME! So, I have been selfish and I promise to start something soon.

And how can I not? Christine was so very fabulous to send me some needles in exchange for some yarn. Needles I can use to knit with wire. Very wonderful. I plan on packing them with my wire and beads I acquired for the projects for my vacation next week. I bought some really lovely small pearls (real pearls!) for 2.50 a strand at the bead shop. No one can say I gave them a shabby present if I use pearls... altho they can say it if I don't finish :I

I also received a very lovely pattern for exactly the felted hat I want to make. So I can say I am gathering tools, but haven't started.  Perhaps I am more squirell than I imagine. Is anyone else tool/yarn gathering still?


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