Knitting while we freeze

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Back to Fun

I couldn't bring myself to say "back to work"...

So, we're mostly settled into our new house and I can start on some winter projects.

I've had to revise my list a little. My mom wants a new hat to replace the one she lost last winter and Mom and Dad both want snowmobile mitten liners. They're moving to MN this week, so they should be able to use them. They'll be replacing the socks I was going to knit for them.

I just started carding and spinning for the afghan for my friend. It's going to be a sport-weight yarn - something I can knock out quickly and get started knitting ASAP. I have a Jacob fleece that's been lying about for awhile, so I'm going to try using all of that. I want to make her some wrist warmers too - I think they'll have gauntlets up to the elbow.


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