Knitting while we freeze

Monday, September 20, 2004

Making Progress!! (??)

WELL... I have finished a few things: Shrug/shawl type thing, crocheted poncho, baby hat and booties. I really need to get going on the mittens and felted bags. Stitches East is putting me a week behind, but it should be worth it! One thing: I noticed while making items for specific people: I am almost done on item A for person B when I see something that would be even better for person B. DRAT!! Focus, Kim, Focus.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

A Bare Beginning

I finally have 1 lb. of yarn all ready for the afghan I'm making for my friend. I think I'll work on it in long strips. That way, if I run out of time, at least she can have a lap throw out of it. I'll see how far I can get by Thanksgiving.

I've also started making my mom's hat. I'm mixing some fleece I have here with some Lamb's Pride bulky I didn't use in a weaving project.

As for everything else on the list...I've just finished up a big project from another knitalong, so I can start on those things in the next couple of weeks with a clear conscience.