Knitting while we freeze

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

well the first step was the easiest...

I took the knitting with wire class from Annie Modesitt last weekend. I am wearing my bracelet cuff today. All I can say is.. this is freaking AWESOME!! I can't wait to make a bunch of necklaces and bracelets for friends and family.

The only drawback.. I need to use aluminum needles.. not just plain old any needles, but the aluminum ones b'c the wire pulls the coating off them. So all my plans will have to wait until I see some aluminum circs like I used in class. I can use straights, but I don't have any taht small. all of my straights are like yooge. drop offs from my family members who think they can unload useless needles on me.

So no, I haven't started, but I am on my way...

My list is getting longer

Hi all! I'm so glad to join you here.

This is my Christmas knitting list so far:
Socks for 7 women and 4 children. (I've completed 2 pair of the womens)
2 Mens vests
2 Boys vests
2 shawls (one needs to be completed by mid October)

I am also considering adding 2 pairs of gloves but we'll have to see how I do on the other stuff first.

I hope that being apart of this KAL I will actually make some organized progress toward completing all of these. I find it exciting that I might not be frantically knitting on Dec 24th!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Stash Sifting

I sat down and went through the yarn stash and the pattern stash to put together projects to complete for the WKA. While I was doing that I saw in the back of one cabinet a large bag, and when I looked inside... Any guesses? Yup. Small bags with yarn/patterns already put together for yet MORE projects. Needless to say, I shifted those to the front burner. I must have a disease. I wonder if it's treatable....

After that, my Sis called, and among other things we chatted about, she mentioned she was looking for yarn for socks. *POOF* went one of the 'set aside' bags! I will send the yarn to her for her B-day in July, along with The Magic Loop pamphlet and other goodies. AND, we are going to StitchesEast in Atlantic City in October! I know that may mean more yarn, patterns, etc, but we are taking some of the classes and after learning Mitered Squares and Advanced Finishing Techniques, I am hoping I can get some of the existing projects done AND feel comfortable giving them as gifts!! {i am not great with finishing/seaming-just making the pieces}.

I also joined a stash redistribution on-line (SSRP and GSRP}, so...if some of the yarn I have does not scream to be made, it will get traded for something else.

They say it's all in the planning... Do you all think I have any hope of finishing, or am I 'organizing' myself into pressure stress??

Sunday, June 06, 2004

finally a list

well I spent some time frying my brain to come up with a list (who knew that winter holiday shopping could be so hard when it is months away??)

so here is my list of things to do BEFORE my winter projects:
beaded bag for SIL (done today!)
kidlet tank for dakota (CO)
crochet tank for boss (yarn bought)
beaded bag for mom (1/2 way done)
rivertank for me (1/4 done)
either a cabled pillow or beaded knit necklace for my secret pal (aug 15 date)
baby cardigan for jackie

holiday gifties:
felted hat with funfur trim for suemom
beaded bag (or pillow) for hyena
quilt and sweater for sue
4 knitted necklaces (mom, 2 sisters, and judy)
knit teaset for dakota
2 hardanger pillows for Cassa and Dani
Seaman scarf "matt" for alan
felted gloves for henry
beaded bag of felted gloves for ivey
felted slippers for may
knitted bunny for christina rose
7 knitted hats for various men- BILs, uncles and cousins


I made it, Thanks again to Amy for setting this up!

I'm definitely not much for knitting Summer projects and I'm counting the days until Autumn comes around again so I can wear my cool weather knits (and give many of them away as holiday gifts!!)
I'm one of the procrastination queens, and it seems I can never start early enough on my holiday present list.

Just a few days ago I was posting on my blog about some projects I'd like to get done, and the very next day I found this knitalong and decided it was fate!

I can't wait to see what everyone else is knitting! Glad to be here!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Another would-be procrastinator

Hi! I just joined up yesterday. My name is Karen, and I have a serious problem with procrastination. Last year I tried to make Xmas gifts right after Thanksgiving. Needless to say I was still working away on Xmas eve and never did finish. *sigh* Not this time dammit!

Here's my list:

  • An afghan for my friend in PA (need to get started w/the spinning very soon)

  • Socks for Mom, Dad and kidlet (at least 2 pr. for kidlet)

  • Scarf for Mr. Man. He got me 1/2 lb. of alpaca for Xmas last year, so I figured I'd use that.

Not a real long list, but it's intimidating enough that I could use the
kick-in-the-pants of a knitalong. Thanks for hosting this Amy!

Friday, June 04, 2004

Encouragement in sight??

good golly, ms. amy! You have a prodigious list to accomplish (trying to improve my vocab). I live in the warm
South, so anything I make will be for relatives or friends up North. I am trying my hand at fulling/felting, so will be starting with a Boojabag, and then one pair of Fuzzyfeet ( If all works out well, I will make more!!

Would positive reinforcement work for the group? Like a treat if your kid has been good! One member could send another a little surprise or sweet for completion. Altho with your list we could be sending you stuff all year!! Or we could bully each other mercilessly until things get done (teehehe). I would rather have a treat, but everyone is different. Anyone else have ideas??

Winter? but its summer...

Dangit it doesn't feel like summer yet here. Maybe this is spurring my winter spirit. Really I want to make myself some pretty gloves and winter stuff now before I feel rushed and make a less than gorgeous set.
I also have a ton of xmas gifts to make. Here's my list.

Let's all motivate. Stop me from procastinating please. I should probably rename this blog "procrastinators anonymous".

Thursday, June 03, 2004

starting at the beginning

So what the h-e-double hockey sticks is anyone knitting? I haven't even really thought about it. I am too neck deep in my own pile of yarn. But I want ideas and good thoughts and encouragement.. I figure a good ribbing and gaffaw or two at my expense as well.

Recently I have been acquiring random single balls of yarn. Somehow I see more silly scarves in my future. (not that I am looking forward to them.) Any other ideas? Should I be bold and consider gloves? or is that just crazy talk?

So basically HELP!


Come on. Lets get it together. Or not.

Email me and I'll add you to the list. You can sign up with blogger and I'll add you to be able to post here too.
I'm just thinking if I start now maybe my Christmas presents will be a WHOLE pair of socks and the sweaters won't be missing an arm or a collar.