Knitting while we freeze

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I have to get my rear in gear

My Christmas knit list:
*a pair of grey socks for dh from Patons Kroy
*a pair of blue denim-y socks for my mom (already cast on, but sitting forlornly in my basket)
*DNA scarf for someone? I start the knit-along next week.
*some kind of novelty scarf for my MIL and SIL
*something (???) for my brother, my sister, my dad-- possibly socks & maybe a poncho for my sis

And yet, I have a massive list of things I want to knit for me. I just cast on for the Chickami for myself, I'm in a poncho-along for myself, and I'm *dying* to knit the Chicago bag for myself.

Someone either kick me or tell me it's ok to knit for me. LOL

Thursday, August 26, 2004

gonna be starting something...

Now that I have that earworm in my head.. I started several projects for holiday presents... just none of them are knitting. I started a cross stitch for my outlaw mother. I started a quilt for Sue and me. I don't have pics yet, but perhaps I will next week. We are going up to Sue's to see her folks and her mom wants me to bring the quilt so I can keep working on it. So perhaps I will be farther along this weekend than I hoped. I won't take the cross stitch in case her mom gets nosey and accidently sees her present early. I really need to get knitting though.. just haven't yet.

Someone want to give me a shove?

Friday, August 20, 2004

I Must be on Something

I finally wrote down my holiday gift list and frankly it scares me. It's long, although the projects tend toward the small side with 3 notable exceptions. I am now finishing off my summer stragglers and hope to start on a few of these come September, but will it be enough time? I am famous for not finishing when I plan to so I wouldn't put down any bets!

Here is my list so you can all chuckle at my folly:

Bob the Builder (I couldn't resist my youngest adores him!)
Harry Potter Scarf
Blanket (on 17s not so bad)
6 Felted Bags
Hello Kitty Backpack
2 sweaters
2 Multidirectional Scarves
Broad Street Mittens
scarf (pattern to be determined)

Laughing yet...