Knitting while we freeze

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Wool Socks done

These big size 13 wool socks took almost 2 skeins of Encore yarn!

My hubby just loves them and says they fit perfect!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Felted Mitten Ornaments!

I finished all 15 finally. I used the pattern from Knit Stockings, and could probably knit them in my sleep by now. I was able to get through almost 3 in the time of a movie-- not too bad. For half of them I used Patons Classic Wool, but I started running low so I switched over to Elann's Highland Wool for the other half-- it felted nicely, just a tad fuzzier than the Classic Wool. I know the picture sucks, it was hurried as I wanted to package them up to mail them today.

I'm now working on the Cashmere Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my dad out of Highland Wool in grey (using size 10 needles and 8 extra stitches). FYI the pattern in the book is wrong, you need to check the errata at purlsoho for the correct pattern.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Newbie *smile*

Hi everyone! Amy let me join in on your winter knit along! I am very happy to be here! Right now I am knitting my very first sweater and knitting socks! I live in New Zealand so we are in summer when you are in winter, but I wont let the summer months stop me from knitting winter projects!
Wishing everyone enjoyable knitting days, hugs and love, Annie *smiles*

Thursday, November 18, 2004

One more present down

Here's the mittens I just finished for my SIL. They're from Lion Brand Landscapes using the Super Mittens pattern from Weekend Knitting (just like the ones I posted before):

Currently, I'm working on knitting 15 felted mitten ornaments from Knit Stockings for an ornament swap I'm in. So far, I'm on #7, and they're due next week.

I'm new

Hi. I have been knittng quite a few winter items as it gets cold here in Wisconsin. I completed a hat for my son, a pair of socks for hubby, a hat and pair of socks for son in law, a hat for me, a sweater, tam & booties for grandbaby, a matching pair of socks for daughter and grandbaby AND I have 1 mitten done for myself to match my hat. PHEW. I have a pair of wool socks on needles for hubby and have to knit a pair for myself and son also.

Friday, November 12, 2004

norwegian fair isle mitts

one pair ready!! They're my first Fair Isle, Knit-In-The-Round .... using Falk yarn from Dalegarn...

Doing another pair...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wnter Along Knits Posted by Hello

Thus far...

Well I joined this knit along a couple of weeks ago but haven't really been knitting too much due to exams coming up! :(

Just thought i'd share some of my current projects that i'm working on; Turkish Slippers from Simple Crochet, Super Mittens from Weekend Knitting and a couple of mini sweater ornaments from Weekend Knitting (along with some previously finished sweaters.)

On the agenda, "to do" in the not too distant future (hopefully... hehe) :
1. Irish Hiking Scarf to keep me nice and toasty on those cold Newfoundland winter days!!!
2. A hat to match the first pair of Super Mittens that I ever knitted!!!
3. A scarf for my mom for Christmas........a MUST to get done!!!
4. And finish off a sweater for my neice for Christmas......I've been about 95% completed for months now. I just hate the seaming part!!!! hehe Must be done by Christmas as well though.

So hopefully when finals finish up and I have a little more time i'll be able to share with you some completed works from this list....


Friday, November 05, 2004

Another gift done, and 2 more started

Here's a drop stitch scarf I started and finished the other day. Not sure who will end up with it, but it's destined to be a Christmas gift:

I've since cast on for another one in Red Heart Symphony which is actually knitting up nicely, but it sticks like crazy to my needles.

I've also cast on for another pair of Super Mittens from Weekend Knits, in Landscapes for my SIL.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I have been working on the holly-daze

Really I have. But sometimes I feel like I'm running up a steep hill backwards. I did finish a felted hat that turned out divine. So divine my Aunt is asking for one for herself this holiday. I have bought the yarn for gloves. It has defied swatching. I left it in a heap today on the couch. Perhaps I will resume my trials tonite. I have a scarf on the needles at around 15 inches... only 50 billion more to go. And I did finish Hush Hush for my friend. I told her that while it was her 10th anniversary present, but I hoped that she could extend the present-ness of it all for the holidays as well. She was so thrilled with it she agreed. HA! one less on the list! HA! My quilt is in sqs and sitting in a bag. I think perhaps after this weekend I will be knitted out for awhile So I will re-start that project next week. SO for every backwards thing on my list I am taking strides forward.. it just looks less so than I hoped.

How are you doing on your projects???

PS I do have a pic of Hush Hush on the blog. The hat pic should come later tonite.