Knitting while we freeze

Friday, October 29, 2004

Ahhh HA!

I KNEW it. I just KNEW it. I completed a poncho, a sweater and some felted bags, but was distracted again. I got involved in knitting and felting kitty beds for a donation to Petfinders, and now Halloween is near and I just have to have one of the Hallowigs from Why now? Why at last minute? Why are these cool holidays so close? If Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween were spread out in the year Nov and Dec wouldn't be so much fun but is sure would be easier!

Anyway, I am having lunch with a knitting friend of mine tomorrow, so her influence may help me focus. Nothing like knitting and sushi - great things go together. Just have to remember to keep the Cashmerino out of the wasabi. Or the Kureyon off the eel sushi.

***just to be catty, the holiday Vogue certainly didn't distract me with new things I want to make. Most of it was just too....too... much. I am just not one for corsets or glittery yarn***

Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe, but be scary.


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