Knitting while we freeze

Friday, October 29, 2004

winter mitts

Just joined up here (thanks Amy!)... I'm still working on different winter stuff but here's one side of the mittens I'm working on!! I'm truly excited because it's Fair Isle and in the round.. and my first attempt at both!!!

The front side close-up

The front side
and the palm side
This is the right hand mitten and I hope to finish them this weekend and work on the other side and a matching pair for my husband.. oooh so exciting.. :) I'm also working on some Big Wool and Biggy Print Rowan stuff (I know I'm spoilt) - but don't know when that's going to come to fruition..
there's just not enough time in the day for enough knitting.. if you know what I mean.


At October 29, 2004 at 2:33 PM, Blogger Amy Boogie said...

The mitts are looking great!

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