Knitting while we freeze

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I have been working on the holly-daze

Really I have. But sometimes I feel like I'm running up a steep hill backwards. I did finish a felted hat that turned out divine. So divine my Aunt is asking for one for herself this holiday. I have bought the yarn for gloves. It has defied swatching. I left it in a heap today on the couch. Perhaps I will resume my trials tonite. I have a scarf on the needles at around 15 inches... only 50 billion more to go. And I did finish Hush Hush for my friend. I told her that while it was her 10th anniversary present, but I hoped that she could extend the present-ness of it all for the holidays as well. She was so thrilled with it she agreed. HA! one less on the list! HA! My quilt is in sqs and sitting in a bag. I think perhaps after this weekend I will be knitted out for awhile So I will re-start that project next week. SO for every backwards thing on my list I am taking strides forward.. it just looks less so than I hoped.

How are you doing on your projects???

PS I do have a pic of Hush Hush on the blog. The hat pic should come later tonite.


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